Meet the Team

Lizzie DeLacy


Lizzie has always been interested in personal development. She approaches health holistically and thinks that it’s just as important to stay active as it is to eat well, just as important to take care of your mental health as it is to find proper work-life balance. Lizzie has also always been passionate about helping others on their own journey of personal development. This passion started in college when Lizzie was a resident assistant, and evolved as she became more involved in yoga, nutrition, and fitness. It was incredibly rewarding since she was not just a participant, but a messenger, mentor, and teacher.

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After graduating from the University of Delaware with her nutrition degree, Lizzie moved to Houston, Texas fully intending to put her degree to work. She soon found that it did not give her the same reward as working directly to help people did. She decided to take a step back, and enrolled in yoga teacher training while managing the studio. Though she worked seven days a week, Lizzie was loving what she was doing. In 2016 Lizzie started her business, DeLacy Wellness, to provide others with the same holistic approach that had worked for her. Starting off, she was the only employee and offered private yoga instruction, health coaching, and meal prep. She had the desire to help others live exceptionally through improvement in their health and wellness. Over the years DeLacy Wellness has grown, and last year it took on a partner that closely aligned with the company’s values.

In taking a leap of faith, Lizzie is now bringing her dream to everyone. DeLacy Wellness is in the process of developing a community based app called Bodypeace, that will feature functional movements, healthy recipes, and other personal growth content. Lizzie’s mission through this platform (and in life) is to help people everywhere do, feel, and live better!

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Jack Martin

Partner / COO

Jack’s journey to health and wellness as a career was a winding road through many fields. After graduating from the College of Charleston in 1996 with a degree in Economics, Jack continued his career with FedEx as an operations manager. Soon he transitioned into the role of management consultant with a small firm. It was here he realized his passion for coaching and mentoring others. Jack progressed from staff consultant to project manager and, in no time, was managing engagements for small businesses, as well as, world renowned companies. One of his engagements led to Jack accepting a leadership position in a Fortune 500 company.

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He spent the next 11 years climbing the corporate ladder to a senior role in operations that included domestic and international responsibilities. After the sale of the company in 2013, Jack accepted a position in Houston, Texas for a regional construction company.

It was during this time in Houston that his pivot to health and wellness took shape. As result of a golf course accident in March of 2017, Jack sustained several injuries requiring surgery and rehabilitation. It was during this period of time he decided to focus on his health in the same way he had focused on his career. He reached out to local yoga instructor Lizzie DeLacy to inquire about private yoga instruction as a way to improve his overall well being.

What followed is presented here to you today in the form of the Bodypeace app. For over a year now, Jack has worked along side Lizzie to develop what they feel is an approach to doing, feeling and living better that is accessible to all desiring participants. While you won’t catch Jack in any of the movements or sessions, you can be sure he has shared his vision and experiences every step of the way to bring Lizzie’s passion to the world.

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Advisory Board Members

Megan Davies, RDN, LD

Advisory Board Member and Community Contributor

Megan has worked as a registered dietitian for the past eight years. Originally from Mississippi, Megan attended Delta State University, home of the “Fighting Okra:, where she majored in nutrition/dietetics. She has worked in a variety of settings, from clinical practice to nutritional sales, and is currently a private practice dietitian and founder of Girl Against The Grains, LLC based in Houston, Texas.

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Having been diagnosed with Celiac Disease in 2018, Megan has a keen personal awareness of the idea that “food is medicine”. Megan is excited to be a part of the advisory board for DeLacy Wellness, as she strongly feels that the body and the mind are deeply connected by what we eat and what we do.

“Keeping active is an essential part of health and wellness, and to truly feel, do, and live better we have to find ways to nourish our bodies and our minds.” – Megan Davies, RD, LD

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Andrew Buller, DC, ACP

Advisory Board Member

Dr. Buller is a Houston, TX chiropractor whose practice is focused on helping patients resolve musculoskeletal pain and injuries through the application myofascial release and therapeutic exercise. His knowledge and understanding of human biomechanics have helped Dr. Buller build a thriving practice over the last six years in which he has treated a wide array of patients ranging from office workers to professional and Olympic athletes. A Louisiana native, he completed his undergraduate degree in Biology at Centenary College of Louisiana and went on to graduate from Texas Chiropractic College as his class valedictorian in 2012.

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When working outside of the clinic, Dr. Buller enjoys providing educational presentations, including his role as an instructor for the Equinox Fitness Training Institute. Aside from helping people live pain free lives, Dr. Buller is passionate about weight training, spending time with his wife, and reading about all things regarding human health and performance.

“Regular physical exercise is as important and necessary for nourishing the brain as it is for the rest of the body and is thus a critical part of feeling your absolute best.” – Dr. Andrew Buller, DC, ACP

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Jessica Ferguson


Jessica is a dance and yoga instructor in the Houston area aspiring to help others achieve their goals in health and fitness.

Having years of experience in the professional dance and performing arts industry, Jessica’s passion for aiding others in their journey to vibrant health grew into her forming GROOVE by Jessica: a dance fitness and therapeutic yoga program offering all levels and age ranges the ability to find their groove in overall body, mind, and soul.

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Holding her 300 HR RYT, Jessica specializes in a therapeutic based yoga; focusing on optimizing the awareness of breath and muscle containment to create movement and space throughout the body. Jessica is happy to be able to make movement accessible to ALL and encouraging others along the way to living a vibrant life.

“In order to be amazing at anything . . . PRACTICE.”

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Sean Bohn


During his mid forties Sean was growing tired of the back and forth weight loss and gain, and finally decided to commit to having a healthy body and lifestyle for the rest of his life. He had done yoga in the past, but decided to really commit to it as he loved the mental clarity it provided as well as the physical benefits. At age forty-seven he became a certified yoga instructor.

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Sean is an avid golfer, teaches yoga, and recently became a certified personal trainer as well.
The golf swing is an incredibly beautiful motion of the body. And yet, it is highly taxing on the body, especially the back and hips, and Sean is dedicated to helping golfers improve their balance, strength, and flexibility as it relates to the golf swing, allowing them to enjoy the game they love for as long as they wish.

Sean is a native Houstonian and resides there as well. He teaches at numerous facilities as well as provide private instruction. You can reach him at the links below.

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