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Kathy prioritizes keeping herself fit in order to maintain a healthy weight and lifestyle. Click on Kathy’s video on the right and read below to learn how the DeLacy Wellness Discipline has helped her.



Kathy enjoys a routine for keeping herself fit in order to maintain a healthy weight and lifestyle. Fitness being a priority for her, Kathy researched nutrition and fitness regimens but was overwhelmed by the information available. At this season in her life, she needed soothing on top of strengthening. She had never tried anything like the DeLacy Wellness Discipline.



Kathy was a beginner when she began to regularly work with Lizzie for improved mental, spiritual and physical health. Lizzie very gently taught Kathy how to position and move her body properly for the most benefit. Much easier on her joints than other exercises she had tried, the DeLacy Wellness Discipline quickly became a must for strengthening her body to achieve total wellness and healing.



Kathy would come to sessions feeling stiff and tired from her day and leave feeling all the little aches and pains from the day having been stretched out, removed and cleansed. Kathy feels physically stronger, more relaxed and balanced. She feels proud of what she has accomplished, both physically and mentally. She plans on continuing in the DeLacy Wellness Discipline from now on. “I know in my mind and my heart that if I get into that session I am going to be a phenomenally changed person. It relaxes me; it totally changes how I feel. It not only energizes my body but energizes my mind.”

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