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Jodi spends much of her time travelling and has a very deadline-oriented, fast-paced work environment. Click on Jodi’s video on the right and read below to learn how the DeLacy Wellness Discipline helped her achieve a better well-being.



Jodi very actively exercises, whether running a couple of times a week, lifting weights in her home gym, rollerblading, dance classes or yoga. While her physical program was great, she was not receiving the boost she needed mentally and emotionally.



The DeLacy Wellness Discipline offered Jodi a more well-rounded experience for her whole body, physically and mentally. Jodi felt a sense of community and lowered stress levels, and the movements helped her stretch her muscles from running and other physical exercises: “One of the most appealing aspects of Lizzie’s practice is the way she guides people thru a flow. The flows she creates are very interesting and engaging. Just a great sense of choreography. It makes it a lot of fun.”



Immediately after Delacy Wellness sessions, Jodi felt more relaxed and ready to tackle her day. Over time, she also felt more confident and encouraged to bring her physical exercise regimen to the next level.

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