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Lawyer, Business Owner and Avid Golfer

Like so many others, Cliff struggled with an ineffective workout routine that did not help him achieve his goals. Click on Cliff’s video on the right and read below to learn how the DeLacy Wellness Discipline helped Cliff improve his overall fitness and success on the golf course.



Cliff played golf competitively in the past and continues to enjoy it recreationally, but, due to long hours at a desk in the office, had declined in flexibility which resulted in limited performance on the course. In the fitness classes available at his gym, Cliff did not feel he was getting enough personalized instruction for the unfamiliar poses and just wasn’t comfortable. He tried working with personal trainers for a more customized approach, but felt those sessions were too singularly-focused on one area of the body. Cliff just wasn’t getting the results he wanted.



Working with Lizzie was positive and fun. Cliff enjoyed the whole-body aspect to the workouts and left each session feeling accomplished. The DeLacy Wellness Discipline’s personal approach was an easier and more comfortable process for learning the proper form and alignment to the movements that most benefitted his specific needs.



After Delacy Wellness sessions, Cliff immediately felt energized and refreshed. Within months of following the DeLacy Wellness Discipline, Cliff noticed greatly improved flexibility, had lost weight, and developed more strength. He enjoyed his workouts more with greater results.

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