30 Apr: Benefits of Berries

Who knew I could write a whole blog on berries alone? Growing up in rural Delaware, we had fresh raspberries in our garden, giant blueberry bushes at my grandparents’ farm, and every year my mom would take me strawberry picking at our local orchard.

19 Feb: Top 10 Items Always in my Grocery Cart

Ever since moving to Houston after college, I’ve been spoiled in both my grocery store options and the variety of produce available year-round thanks to living in a warmer climate. Here are the 10 items I always pick up when I swing through the grocery store.

15 Jan: Healthy Fats

I don’t think there is another more controversial food group than fats. We’re told they’re bad for us and we should limit them, then the next week we’re told they’re good for us and we should eat more of them. It’s so confusing!