04 Mar: IT Band and Why It’s Tight

Can we all agree that IT bands are as finicky as anything?! Almost every client I’ve worked with has observed IT band tightness at one point or another. Today’s blog is dedicated to this special fascia, covering everything from what causes that tightness to the stretches we can do to release it.

26 Feb: Eventual Energy

I define eventual energy as the final state that every being strives for, to be better at the things about which we are passionate. It’s what propels us physically, grounds us spiritually, and inspires us mentally towards transformation, growth, and exceptionalism.

12 Feb: Staying Healthy During the Peak of Flu Season

It’s that time of the year again! It seems like everyone and their mother is sick with something. I’ve been incredibly lucky this season and haven’t felt under the weather in months, but not all of us can be that fortuitous. I’ll share a couple of tricks in my arsenal to keep the seasonal sickness at bay!

06 Feb: Centering Yourself

I’ve been feeling stressed out the past couple of weeks because of how busy I’ve been...so it was obvious that I had to take time out of my day to write about it! Whenever I feel like I’m being pulled in a million different directions, I dive into my virtual tool box to find what I need to keep myself grounded.

04 Feb: Top 5 Movements for Relaxing During Cancer Treatment

Depending on what area is being treated and which treatment you’re undergoing, you might not be feeling yourself right about now. I‘ve compiled a short list of movements to do during cancer treatment, after checking with your doctor first of course! You can pick and choose the movements that feel good to you, and hold them for as long or as little as you’d like.

22 Jan: Staying Healthy While Traveling

New year means new travel plans! Promise not to be too envious when I tell you I’m writing this from a bungalow in Kauai. You might not be so jealous when you heard about the exhaustion I’ve experienced trying to stay healthy while traveling here from Houston, Texas.

15 Jan: Healthy Fats

I don’t think there is another more controversial food group than fats. We’re told they’re bad for us and we should limit them, then the next week we’re told they’re good for us and we should eat more of them. It’s so confusing!