Eventual Energy

If you’ve been following my blogging journey for the past couple of weeks, it’s likely not news to you that I’ve launched my ebook, Eventual Energy. This term “eventual energy” hasn’t been defined until now, but the meaning has been around since the start of civilization. You have likely experienced eventual energy at many points in your life, and there are the lucky few that encounter it every day. Let’s start with the definition.

I define eventual energy as the final state that every being strives for, to be better at the things about which we are passionate. It’s what propels us physically, grounds us spiritually, and inspires us mentally towards transformation, growth, and exceptionalism.

Don’t let some of these Byzantine words confuse you! (See what I did there?) Eventual energy is just the name for that awesome feeling you get inside when you’re doing something in life that you truly love. It transcends careers; for some working parents, their eventual energy is the experience they get from playing with their kids and positively impacting their development, not necessarily the job they work at five days a week. Some people do receive their eventual energy from their work. Think of the nurse that goes out of their way to make a sick child smile or the friendly cashier behind the grocery counter who went in the back to get a new item for you that was out of stock. You can tell these people really enjoy what they’re doing! Other times we can see eventual energy manifest in people’s hobbies. One of my clients, a marathon runner, is a great example. She worked in the oil and gas sector, and before work each day she would wake up at 4 am and run 10-15 miles, even when she didn’t have an upcoming race. That motivation lies behind her passion for running and desire to become better (faster) at it. It’s easy to see how compelling eventual energy is as it’s a feeling, an emotion that we can all relate to in some way or another.

I came across this concept when I first became a private yoga instructor. As I would get to know my clients, over time I learned why they wanted to work with someone like myself in the first place. My marathon runner had suffered an injury and wanted to stay active enough while she was recovering. One of my other clients who owns her own business wanted an early morning private at the start of each week to clear her mind in order to serve her employees and her customers to the best of her ability. She was dedicated to her business, and it was evident in the way her employees respected and admired her. Another client of mine has a 5-year-old boy, and our session once a week was a whole hour she could dedicate to recharging herself so that she could have the energy and constant patience for her son. Each one of my clients had a passion that they wanted to feel their best for, and, ultimately, that’s why they came to me. Not to be able to learn how to do a handstand, not to turn into a bendy pretzel or learn how to do a certain yoga pose… they all wanted to feel their best so they could continue to do what they loved doing most in life.

I didn’t solidify eventual energy until I was able to interpret it for myself. That’s how life oftentimes works, you need to “see it to believe it”. I’ve had several jobs, hobbies, and interests since childhood ranging from jewelry designer, dietary aide, Hollister store associate, waitress, ballerina, Girl Scout, artist, and amateur interior decorator. It wasn’t until I started working with people one on one that I could finally put my finger on this experience and give it a name. My passion is developing others into the best potential version of themselves so they can happily and easily do what they themselves are passionate about. My eventual energy manifested whenever a client thanked me for helping them alleviate stiffness or allowing them to have a clear mind to start their day. I felt so joyous every time I could help someone do, feel, and live a little better. My eventual energy will always be whenever I can encourage individuals to share their energy to serve others and help them accomplish the intended goals they set forth.

Over the next several months I’ll be writing more on the topic of eventual energy, which has ultimately led me to create my own discipline of teaching, work to develop an app, and release an ebook for the world (or at least anyone who’s interested) to read. In the meantime, if you have any questions about eventual energy, want to share with me what your eventual energy is, or need help finding it for yourself, please feel to reach out to me at lizzie@delacywellness.com.

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