Top 10 Items Always in my Grocery Cart

I absolutely have a love-hate relationship with Whole Foods y’all. Growing up in rural Delaware, we didn’t have items like kombucha, açaí, and free-range-cage-free-organic eggs. Ever since moving to Houston after college, I’ve been spoiled in both my grocery store options and the variety of produce available year-round thanks to living in a warmer climate. Here are the 10 items I always pick up when I swing through the grocery store.

Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Milk – I bet you didn’t expect me to start off with something so specific, did you? I use almond milk in so many things, from my homemade smoothies to my coffee and in baking. It’s a great, lower-calorie option than dairy milk, and I like the flavors it comes in.

Spinach – and a lot of it! I eat plenty of greens, but spinach is my all-time favorite. It’s such a great option for smoothies since it’s less bitter than kale and has a bit more oomph than romaine lettuce.

Frozen Strawberries – Another smoothie ingredient! In order to keep my fluctuating hormone levels stable, I try to be conscientious about my carbohydrate intake. Berries are lower in carbs than frozen bananas but still sweeten up smoothies or frozen desserts.

Avocados – I don’t think I could call myself a Texan if I didn’t include avocados on this list. Avocados are one of my favorite foods- full of healthy fats! Check out one of my previous blogs if you’d like to learn more about dietary fats.

Chickpea Pasta – I grew up in an Italian household, which means pasta for dinner was a onc19e a week occurrence. Chickpea pasta is another lower-carb option to stabilize hormones, and it has more protein than wheat pasta: win-win!

Seaweed Chips – Sometimes I’m in the mood for something quick and crunchy to satisfy that potato chip craving. Seaweed chips naturally contain iodine, which is a crucial mineral for healthy thyroid function. I try to find a brand that is lower in sodium, without extra junk like dairy or salt added in.

Almond Butter Packets – I am always on the go between meetings and production for the Bodypeace app. These packets are the best snacks since they’re high in satiating fat, contain a bit of protein, and don’t require refrigeration.

Nut Cheese – It doesn’t sound the most appetizing to those of you that eat dairy, but it’s a seriously tasty substitute for vegans or lactose intolerants. I get a spreadable version to eat with almond flour crackers and a shredded version for pasta.

Dark Chocolate – My anti-stress, self-care ingredient! I get a small bar of dark chocolate each week; at least 80% dark chocolate with no dairy or soy lecithin. It’s the little indulgence that keeps me sane.

Koia Keto Drink – This is the only product I’m name-dropping. Their keto drink has lots of plant fat and protein to keep me full when I have a long day ahead of me and is low sugar/low carb. My favorite flavor is chocolate brownie but take note that it’s incredibly sweet!

While these are my top 10 grocery items, I always want to remind you to pick options that work well with your body and best support your health. My dietary choices are what make me feel best, but that doesn’t mean they’re for everyone. What can you not go without when you head to the grocery store? Shoot me an email at to share!

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