Staying Healthy While Traveling

New year means new travel plans! Promise not to be too envious when I tell you I’m writing this from a bungalow in Kauai. You might not be so jealous when you heard about the exhaustion I’ve experienced trying to stay healthy while traveling here from Houston, Texas. That’s right, 9 hours on a plane isn’t exactly the easiest experience. Before even packing my bathing suit for this trip, I made sure to be even more prepared for my health. Here are a couple tips I recommend to try to stay your healthiest while traveling!

Pack Extras – It’s so easy to remember passports, proper attire, and toiletries while traveling that sometimes we can forget the extras. If you take any vitamins or supplements regularly, have those along with any medications in your carry on. I’ve had my luggage lost in other countries before and was so glad I had those with me so I could continue my established regimen. Whenever you travel somewhere that has a very different cuisine than your own, I find it helpful to take digestive enzymes before each meal so my body adjusts better to newer foods! In addition to supplements, I always pack some Lizzie-approved snacks that I can munch on throughout the trip. Especially considering my dietary restrictions (ovo-vegetarian with a soy allergy), it’s been a life saver to reach into my backpack and pull out a packet of almond butter or protein coconut bites. Choose a couple of snacks that are temperature resistant and keep them in your carry on to eat during your flight, while you’re out and about, or if you’re at a restaurant with limited options.

Stretch It Out – As amazing as traveling is, it can really take a toll on your body. Between sitting for long hours on flights, missing our regular workout routines, and sleeping on (sometimes) uncomfortable beds, it’s not hard to get sore, stiff, or just plain uncomfortable. I counteract this by doing a couple of easy movements each morning and night of travel that might have a big impact on my body. Standing forward fold with slightly bent knees is a great inversion to help decompress your spine after hours of sitting. To stretch out my shoulders while doing it, I interlace my hands behind my low back and then reach them up and overhead. I also like doing a seated forward fold to stretch out my hamstrings, which tend to get tight when I walk a lot. Reclined pigeon is a two-for-one movement; it stretches out your lower back/sciatic nerve as well as your hips. With these three movements I can cover the major areas of my body that get tight from travel – shoulders, back, hips, and hamstrings.

Research Menus Beforehand – My last tip doesn’t have to be limited to travel, but I find that I am much more likely to research food menus when I am off of my own turf. Since I know where I’ll be staying usually a month or two in advance of any trip, I scour the internet for restaurants nearby my lodging. This doesn’t mean that I am only limited to these restaurants once I reach my destination, but it’s helpful to know which ones have healthier, dietary restrictive friendly options beforehand. It’s also a great way for me to dig through reviews and find the places that are given great ratings to make sure my experience is not wasted on somewhere that has poor food or service. I still like to ask locals where they enjoy eating, but this tip is beneficial in case you’re having a hard time deciding between options. If I had my way, I would absolutely eat at every restaurant possible in Hawaii…but in the limited time I have, Yelp has my back.

Alright well, that’s all I have time to write for now, time for me to grab an açaí bowl and head down to the beach! If you have any other travel tips to share with me, I’d love to hear them! Just drop into my inbox –!

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