Staying Organized in the New Year

Only one week into the new year, and many of us are finding that it’s already easy to lose some steam and fall off our promised diets, exercise regimens, and longer sleep schedules. We’re back at work, back at school, or just back to our old habits. It’s human nature, so there’s no need to beat ourselves up about it!

Having said that, in order to be successful in any new changes we’re attempting to make, repetition is key. For me, the more organized I am, the simpler it is for me to repeatedly execute these changes until they’ve firmly become a part of my routine. Here are a couple ways I’m keeping myself organized in 2019–read on to see if these tips might be beneficial to you too!

The number one way I keep myself organized is through my calendar. I know, I know, using a calendar to keep yourself organized is not groundbreaking news. However, you’d be surprised how many people either don’t use a calendar to keep track of everything, or have their appointments split between several different mediums.

I have a physical, paper, leather-bound 2019 calendar book, and every appointment, meeting, or activity goes in it. Even if an item is in my phone’s calendar, I transfer it to my physical calendar too. I like to write things down because my calendar has an extra space for notes that I can use to brainstorm without typing on my small iPhone screen.

It is also a great way for me to keep track of monthly tasks that don’t have a specific day assigned to them. I write out my monthly goals at the beginning of each month, and I can refer back to them on Sunday nights when I review my tasks for the upcoming week.

If pen and paper is not your thing, there are plenty of apps to keep yourself organized digitally. Asana is a good project manager, especially if you work with multiple vendors. For individual tasks, Todoist has helped me rank and accomplish smaller items, from mailing thank you notes to getting my oil changed. Find a medium or an app that resonates with you and stick with it. Remember, everything you have going on is a big feat in and of itself!

Organizing your time is one thing, but organizing your physical belongings is something else. I’ll admit that I have a whole Pinterest page dedicated to organizational ideas, and most of them revolve around keeping my possessions in place and readily available.

Organizers, dividers, and containers have kept me sane, especially when it comes to my bathroom and closet. Every drawer or shelf in my bathroom is filled with the spoils from my Sephora hauls. I swear it’s not an obsession! In my shower, I use a two-tiered stand to sort my hair products from my body products. I use drawer organizers that separate my face products and keep everything within view, so I’m not accidentally buying items over and over because I didn’t realize I still had one in stock.

Don’t even get me started on my makeup bag! I recently upgraded to a 10 x 4 x 8 inch organizer to sort my makeup rather than letting everything sit together in my previous makeup pouch. This makeup bag can even be used for technology, cords, chargers and accessories if makeup is not your thing!

The number of organizers you can buy for your closet at Target is incredible. From shoes to delicates, athletic wear to purses, every item has its place. At night, when I’m getting my outfit ready for the next day, it takes less than five minutes to find and pair together everything I need. I never feel like I don’t have anything to wear because I can visually see my options. Check out Target online to see what tools would work best in your living situation.

The area that I have the hardest time organizing is definitely my digital life. Between social media, email, and pictures, the rabbit hole of trying to manage my online presence feels nearly impossible. I tackle it in bite sized chunks by giving it bits of attention, usually on Sunday evenings when I’m getting ready for the upcoming week.

First, I go through each of my email accounts (because nobody has just one anymore). I delete or archive anything that was already addressed. If there are items I need to complete in the upcoming week, I make sure I write it down on my handy-dandy calendar agenda–that way it doesn’t get buried down in my inbox and I forget about it later.

Next, I go through my social media and see what posts I’ll make for the week. I have the pictures taken and the captions written, so all I have to do is create the post itself.

As for other media, any time I notice a song I no longer listen to or a picture that is no longer relevant, I delete it from the library to declutter and free up space. By doing a little of this each week, I don’t feel overwhelmed by my digital life. And yes, I’m one of those people that makes sure I don’t have any notifications or unread emails on my devices. If you’re similar, I’d give these technology tips a try; you might be surprised how organized they make you feel!

Being organized takes a bit of effort at the start, but once you repeat them and they become positive habits, they soon fold easily into your regular routine. Organized people tend to be more productive, efficient, and in some cases, less stressed. At the very least, it can free up some of your time to be doing more of what you love!

Thanks for reading, and let me hear how the first week of your new year is going so far. Feel free to shoot me an email anytime at You can also sign up on the site to get these blogs weekly, so you don’t miss anything! Until next time y’all!

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