November is National Inspirational Role Models Month

In 2005, writer Darlene House designated November as National Inspirational Role Models Month. This is a time for all of us to think about the people who inspire us, whether they are historical figures, celebrities, or people we personally know. I’ve always looked up to my mom who raised me on her own, and constantly remind myself how blessed I am to have such an amazing person in my life.  Having a strong role model is a great way to start thinking about where you want to go in life and how to achieve your goals!

Who Inspires You?

We all find inspiration in different places. Maybe there are people in your family you admire, or an artist whose work you love, or a successful person in your workplace. If you’re not sure who your role model is, spend some time thinking about these questions:

  • What are the values you want to live by?
  • Who has achieved something you would also like to do?
  • What are some skills you want to learn?
  • What do you consider a good life?

Spend some time researching people who embody the traits you want to have. You may be especially inspired by people who have things in common with you, but a good role model can be anyone you choose. Personally, I have a different role models for my ethics/morals, my career, and my lifestyle; they all inspire me to be the person I am today!

From Inspiration to Action

Research shows that having an inspiring role model isn’t just good for children. Adults can also benefit from finding people they admire. Once you’ve chosen one or more people who inspire you, the following steps can help you make improvements to your life or career:

  • If your chosen role model is a living person, don’t be afraid to try reaching out. Someone who works in your field may be willing to share advice or mentor you. Even if you just send an email to someone you look up to, they may send you a helpful reply.
  • Pay attention to specific skills this person has or decisions they’ve made. You’re looking for positive behaviors that you can try for yourself. Don’t just think in broad terms about what this person has accomplished. Keep your eye on the details.
  • Be willing to try new things. Making progress in your life or career may require you to try new techniques or develop new habits. You may even want to experiment with having different role models to see who can be the most helpful for you.
  • Be realistic. Whoever you’ve chosen as your role model, remember that he or she is just a person. It’s possible that they’ve made some mistakes in their life, or taken some paths that wouldn’t work for you. Use the advice that works for you, but don’t put anyone on a pedestal.

Self improvement is a big project, and sometimes it can seem daunting. It’s important for all of us to have someone we can look up to when we’re feeling discouraged. With the right guidance, you can develop your personal skills, learn to take bold new steps, and achieve your goals.

Physical and spiritual health are important components of self improvement. To learn more about yoga and physical fitness, contact Houston fitness instructor Lizzie DeLacy.


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