How a Healthy Lifestyle Can Help Prevent Diabetes

More than 30 million Americans live with it. You see them every day on the street, yet you may not have any idea of the diabetic burden that weighs down people with simple every-day tasks. In honor of National Diabetes Month here are some ways that you can educate yourself about this disease and how to prevent type two diabetes by developing a healthy diet and disciplined fitness regime.

What is diabetes?  

The first step to prevent diabetes is understanding what diabetes actually is and what causes it. Although there are several different types, the most common form of diabetes is Type 2 Diabetes. It occurs when your blood glucose, also called blood sugar, is too high because the pancreas doesn’t produce enough insulin to convert glucose to glycogen. Blood glucose is what gives your body its main source of energy for the body and brain; excess blood glucose however is detrimental to the body. There is no cure, there are only steps to prevent diabetes and manage it.

What causes Type 2 diabetes? 

Type 2 Diabetes has many different causes. Some of the causes of type two diabetes are:

  • Weight -Increased fatty tissue makes your cells more resistant to insulin.
  • Inactivity -The less active you are the greater your risk.
  • High blood pressure. -Having blood pressure over 140/90 in linked to increased risk of type 2.   

How to decrease your chances and prevent diabetes

Although it is not totally understood, it is proven that a healthy diet and exercise is the first step to help prevent diabetes. Start by setting up a regular work-out routine, like going for a walk, stretching or hiring a trainer. Whatever you choose, the taking the necessary steps can help prevent diabetes or keep your diabetes in check. One of the other major influencers for diabetics is a healthy diet. By changing small patterns in everyday food intake, you will not only increase your overall health but can also decrease your chances of developing the disease.

Making the right changes to help prevent diabetes

As we all know it’s not easy to make changes in diet and exercise and stick to it. Let me tell you, we’ve all been there at one point or another! Considering how important it is to maintain your body’s health, try starting with small changes because even that can make a huge difference. Educate yourself on what kind of foods should actually be going in your body. It is important that you take steps every day to prevent diabetes if you think you are at risk. With diet, exercise, and educating yourself about the disease during National Diabetes Month, we can all take steps in healthier living.

How can exercise and fitness prevent diabetes?

Hiring the right health instructor or trainer is a great idea for busy professionals who struggle with diabetes or aim to prevent diabetes. According to Lizzie DeLacy’s proprietary fitness disciplines, obtaining and maintaining physical, emotional, and spiritual alignment can lead to a healthier lifestyle and stronger physique. Lizzie also provides her clients with custom nutritional guides and recipes to help retain weight goals, healthy eating habits and assist with weight loss.

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