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Meet the Founder

Lizzie DeLacy is constantly looking for ways to be the best version of herself; this includes mind, body, and spirit. She received her nutrition degree from the University of Delaware and has always been a proponent of approaching health holistically. As a sole-proprietor, she founded DeLacy Wellness in 2016, focusing on fitness, nutrition, and overall lifestyle improvement. Since then, DeLacy Wellness has expanded in resources and partnerships, resulting in additional opportunities.

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As a private fitness instructor, Lizzie encountered many people who wanted to be healthy and improve their lifestyle, but who were also unsure of where to begin. She developed specific sequences of yoga-inspired movements, calisthenics, and stretching to deliver real results for the body, mind and spirit. After working closely with her clients for several years, she realized it was time to bring this idea of doing, feeling, and living better to the masses.

Her goal is simple – help as many people as possible feel better so they can grow to be the best version of themselves. She calls this concept “Eventual Energy”. Inspired by these experiences, she decided to author The DeLacy Wellness Doctrine and build a supportive community that shares these similar values and beliefs.

Bodypeace - A better way to do more

DeLacy Wellness is excited to introduce Bodypeace, a platform made for people around the world who want to do, feel, and live better. From the moment you start your first session, you’ll experience a progressive sequence of functional movements developed specifically to help you achieve your personal goals. Each session is tailored to your physical ability, focusing on specific areas of the body with simple to follow instructions from Lizzie herself.

  • Inspiring sessions from 5 – 60 minutes
  • On-demand content available anytime and anywhere
  • Ideal for any level or athletic ability
  • Detailed video tutorials for better alignment

Bodypeace launches May 2019. Want to be in the know? Sign up now to receive updates via email!

Upcoming Events


True Foods Kitchen
April 7th and May 5th
8:30am – 9:30am

Check Lizzie’s availability for your next event!

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For my fellow career-minded individuals out there, we already know that motivation and discipline are both important for accomplishing goals…but let’s not make the mistake in thinking they’re interchangeable! Sometimes I’m motivated without being disciplined, and vice versa; other times I’m both, though there are the few times I’m neither. They’re a complement of each other. Let’s talk about the difference between being motivated and being disciplined so we can understand the components necessary to make them happen simultaneously.

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March 4, 2019 3:17 pm

IT Band and Why It’s Tight

Can we all agree that IT bands are as finicky as anything?! Almost every client I’ve worked with has observed IT band tightness at one point or another. Today’s blog is dedicated to this special fascia, covering everything from what causes that tightness to the stretches we can do to release it. First off, what is the IT band? The Iliotibial band is made up of fascia, which is elastic connective tissue and runs from above the hip to attach at the top of the shin bone. We can feel it when we stretch the outer, lateral line of the leg. Fun little

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